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Congratulations to Luci Smith!

Luci Smith

USATF Masters Regional Champion

Sun, Jan 22, 2017 - Winston-Salem, NC

First Place In:

  • 400m
  • 800m
  • 1 mile

Coaching Certification Opportunity

USATF Level 1

January 6-8, 2017 - Columbia, SC





A few simple rules:

  1. Have fun.
  2. Train hard.
  3. Negativity is not allowed.
  4. Harassment of others is not allowed.
  5. Abuse of others is not allowed.
  6. The Coaches will support you.
  7. The Coaches will have high expectations of you.
  8. The Coaches will motivate you, will push you, will help you go farther, achieve more than perhaps even you thought was possible.
  9. The Coaches will treat everyone equally.
  10. Not everyone is an elite athlete, not everyone can be an elite athlete, but the Coaches will treat everyone as an elite athlete.  You deserve it!
  11. Cheating is not tolerated, and will result in termination of coaching.
    1. Cheating on workouts, or on the reporting of workouts, only hurts you, and can actually end up getting you hurt, perhaps even seriously hurt.  Your training plans are designed specifically for you.  Your progress is monitored and your plans are adjusted as warranted.  Cheating on, or lying about, your workouts means your plan may be erroneously adjusted, meaning you are doing improper workouts.  At the very least, it means workouts that are too slow or too easy, which is ineffective.  On the other end of the spectrum, it may mean workouts that are too fast or too hard, which may result in injury.
    2. Cheating in a race is wrong.  It is wholly unethical, and will eventually be found out and exposed.  It is not fair to other runners, especially those you falsely “finish” in front of. They played by the rules, they trained hard: do not take away from them what they rightly earned.
    3. Running a race as a "bandit" (not officially registered and paid), is cheating. If you did not pay, then do NOT run the race. Printing your own bib number to run a race is cheating.


More specific rules:

  1. Running Is Good is open to any runner, regardless of ability.
  2. Running Is Good is open to anyone that wants to start running.
  3. All runners will meet with Running Is Good Coaches to establish training goals.
  4. Running is Good will help any runner return to running following an injury. Running Is Good will not attempt to recruit that runner away from another club. It is understood that following a return to running, the runner will return to their running club or group. Thus, Running Is Good does have referrals from other groups. With that said, while working with Running Is Good to return to running, the runner WILL listen to the Running Is Good coaches and following the recovery plan that was set forth, else coaching will be terminated.
  5. Though there are Running Is Good group training nights/days, these are not running as a group per se. Remember, each runner has a specific training plan. Therefore, different runners may be running different types of workouts, different distances, and different paces. Runners should not deviate from their plan to run the workout of another runner just because they are in a group setting. Long slow days, easy days, and recovery runs may be an exception, provided the runner adheres to their prescribed pace range.
  6. Running Is Good offers blood lactate testing (to determine lactate threshhold) for both Running Is Good members, as well as for non-members. There is a small fee for non-members. No Running Is Good Coach or staff member will attempt to recruit away from another club any runner that participates in the blood lactate testing

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